The ministry of Deacons is a practical ministry of helps in serving the Church and community. The Bible indicates that deacons are to provide care as needed for the widows and orphans in the Church. Here at Palms West Alliance deacons are also asked to serve as ushers, and help with event setup/teardown. They have a spiritual ministry to see to the practical needs of widows & elderly in our congregation, meeting those needs when possible and praying for them. The deacons also provide the Semi-Annual Car Care Clinic for widows, single moms, and single women in the church and in the community, where they change oil & filter, perform multi-point safety inspection, test drive the vehicle, and provide a list of recommend additional maintenance required. Literally thousands of dollars in expensive repairs have been avoided by the women taking advantage of this ministry!


Deaconesses are the heart and soul of our church. They serve our church family in a special way by planning and organizing church-wide meals such as special events refreshments, Sunday lunches and potluck dinners. They make sure our facilities are welcoming and neat.

The lovely ladies also have a great time organizing baby showers and wedding showers for our members. However their most important responsibility is the preparation and setting up of the Grace Table for Communion Sundays.